Narrow cooling area or poor cooling effect

Not suitable for ambient temperature environments of
40℃ where hot winds penetrate worker's clothing.

Ice melts in a short time
(Short duration of cooling)
The wearer's body will be cooled down
with a constant circulation of ~10℃ water
COOLEX effectively cools the wearer's body with the constant flow of cold water in extreme high temperature working environments. Portable and for use anywhere with an AC electric power outlet.
・Always stays cool
・Variable temperature control
・Suitable for environments where winds are detrimental
・Effective over protective clothing
Cools you,
not the air.
A lot of energy is required to cool the air around you.
Especially in hot environments, air cooling requires additional energy but still may be insufficient to bring temperature down.
COOLEX guarantees to keep you cool effectively and efficiently.
Optimal for 40℃ ~ 50℃
high temperature environments
Because COOLEX does not produce air currents, it is well suited for use in high temperature environments such as glass factories and the welding industry where air currents are detrimental. COOLEX delivers excellent workability and does not compromise the wearer's ability to operate like jackets with built-in fans that inflate the worker's clothes do.
High cooling performance
for minimal running cost.
The energy consumption of a single person using the COOLEX-1 is a mere 180W. This low cost is not only financially friendly, but also environmentally friendly. COOLEX gives you a high cooling effect at a fraction of the cost of running air conditioning.