酷暑作業向け COOLEX-1
Ceramics and Glass Industry Breakthrough cooling workwear saves you from extreme temperature work environments!

These industries are heated
by the constant use of kilns and furnaces,
resulting in working environments above 50℃.
"Feed the flames, don't fan the wind"
Born from the necessities of
extreme temperature environments
Wearable Protection Against Extreme Heat
The wearer's body is cooled down、
with a constant circulation of ~10℃ water.
COOLEX will effievtivly cool the wearer's body with the constant flow of cold water in extreme high temperature working environments. Portable and for use anywhere with an AC electric power outlet.
・Cooling where you need it. (Endless)
・Always stays cool during operation. (Endless)
・Cooling effect does not diminish.
Direct cooling for
each worker individually
COOLEX directly cools the wearer, making it a highly efficient and effective cooling solution.
Optimal cooling for extremely high ambient temperature environments of 40℃~ 50℃ where winds are detrimental to production processes.

COOLEX does not produce air currents so is perfect for extreme high temperature environments such as glass production facilities where winds are counterproductive.
COOLEX delivers excellent workability and does not compromise the wearer's ability to operate like jackets with built-in fans that inflate the worker's clothes do.
Fire-retardant option for workplaces with fire hazards.
Advanced Audit
User Voices
Feedback results from COOLEX users
conducting advanced audits at their worksites.
Survey period: July 7, 2016 ~ September 30, 2016 (Summer period)
Did you feel cool in environments of intense heat?
Yes, I was extremely satisfied with it. There were even some saying it was too effective. I would most definitely use it again.
I thought it was very effective for cooling my neck and heatstroke prevention.
Because of the efficiency of the cooling system, it's great for when I work at the kiln and furnace.
Was it easy to maneuver/move around?
Yes, I had no problems maneuvering it around.
Movement was no problem, it could be more flexible.

We added an even more movement-friendly, sleeveless type to our line-up.