酷暑作業向け COOLEX-1
Food Manufacturing Industry Breakthrough cooling workwear saves you from extreme temperature work environments!

In the high heat of
food manufacturing workplaces
cool down 15℃
with COOLEX!
Grilling, frying, and steaming operations while wearing full-body sanitation wear
Born from the necessities of
extreme high temperature environments
Wearable Protection Against Extreme Heat
The wearer's body is cooled down、
with a constant circulation of ~10℃ water.
COOLEX will effectively cool the wearer's body with the constant flow of cold water in extreme high temperature working environments.Portable and for use anywhere with an AC electric power outlet.
・Cooling where you need it.
・Always stays cool during operation.
・Cooling effect does not diminish.
Direct cooling for
each worker individually
COOLEX workwear directly cools the wearer and is not easily affected by ambient temperature, making it a highly efficient and effective cooling solution.
COOLEX is effective
under sanitation clothes.
COOLEX delivers excellent workability and does not compromise the wearer's ability to operate like jackets with built-in fans that inflate the worker's clothes do.
Case study

Suzuki Eikodo Co., Ltd.

Industry Food manufacturing ・Beverage
Job description Confectionery / Candy manufacturing processes
Model COOLEX-1
Interview contact Satoshi Kaga, Manager of the Manufacturing Division
Location Gifu prefecture
This task consists of making candy in a industrial-sized kettle. The worker does not do much moving, but must stand in front of the extremely hot industrial-sized pot for long periods. For several years, we have used outside wind as their source of cooling and were looking for a better cooling method.
Before fully implementing COOLEX, we tried out various different cooling methods like tried jackets with built-in fans and ice vests with ice packs. As a result, we decided to adopt COOLEX-1 because of the continuous cooling it provided.。
Many said that COOLEX is the most effective and efficient cooling method they have ever had. Users said they could use it without problems after getting used to handling the connecting hose. We have another factory in need of a new cooling method, so we review its effectiveness during summer and will be considering to implement them next year.

AKM Corporation

Industry Food / Beverage
Job description Bread making
Model COOLEX-Light
Location Miyazaki prefecture
Interview contact Mr. Takahashi, Production Promotion Division Manager
In the bread production processes, workers who handle the tunnel burners and fryers were particularly troubled by the heat in summer. Although we took some measures for them like installing electric fans and spot coolers, but there was no improvement and we were looking for something better.
I found COOLEX on the net and tried out the free trial demonstration Kamakura had advertised. When we did the on-site demonstration, everyone had a high opinion of the models we tried out. With the ambient temperature conditions that we work in, we though that the COOLEX-Light would suit our needs and started using them at two different locations.
The product is intended to be worn underneath of the sanitation suits, but our workers change shifts often, so they wore COOLEX over the sanitation suits. However, the cooling effect was sufficient, popular among our employees, and everyone worked without incident this summer.