酷暑作業向け COOLEX-1
Welding and Painting Industries can get unbearably hot! Cool down 15°C with COOLEX!

Maintain product quality and avoid fire hazards
due to winds during welding processes.
Welders must wear heavy protective clothing,
intensifying the heat.
Optimal cooling for extremely
high ambient temperature environments of
40℃ ~ 50℃ where winds are detrimental
to production processes.
Wearable Protection Against Extreme Heat
The wearer's body is cooled down
with a constant circulation of ~10°C water.
COOLEX will effectively cool the wearer's body with the constant flow of cold water in extreme high temperature working environments. Portable and for use anywhere with an AC electric power outlet.
・Cooling where you need it.
・Always stays cool during operation.
・Cooling effect does not diminish.
Direct cooling for
each worker individually
COOLEX workwear directly cools the wearer, making it a highly efficient and effective cooling solution.
Fire-resistant product

・Flame-retardant material
  • Feature
  • Self-extinguishing
・Spatter cover
  • Hose cover can be used in conditions up to 150℃.
Case study


Industry Steel / Nonferrous metals / Metals
Job description Mold related parts production
Model COOLEX-1
Location Aichi prefecture
Interview contact Shinichi Nishimura, Manufacturing Dept. Plant Manager
We do mold repair welding work. Because we work with large metal molds preheated to 300°C while doing the welding work, we are constantly blasted by the heat. Because wind adversely affects our work, we could not use a blower or an air conditioner, so we were having a lot of difficulties battling the heat which therefore limited us to 30 minutes at a time because of its intense heat.
We conducted tests at our site using demo models. There were three of us doing the testing and we all rated them highly on their cooling ability. We hung the connecting hose from the welding gantry. We therefore had to change the connector on the COOLEX clothing to a special specification. We purchased five COOLEX system sets, one for each employee.
Cooling effect is overall very good. To maneuver the hose better, we are considering the optional hose balancer. We must first prevent our workers from overheating, but we expect that we will now be able to extend work times.

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.

Industry Electronics / High precision machines
Job description Scientific machines, analysis & measurement machines, medical machinery development, marketing of Japanese manufacturing overseas
Model COOLEX-1
Location Yamanashi prefecture
Interview contact Iino Noboru, Manager of the Manufacturing Division
This task consists of spray coating finished goods in a booth. Because the work area is near the kiln, temperatures can reach up to 50℃ in the summer. Winds can affect the spray coating process, so we opt to use a spot cooler in the workplace, however the spot cooler is placed a little further away. We also had air-blown tubes using the factory's air compressor and worn under the work clothes, but the air temperature is high on hot summer days, and even with both that and a spot cooler, we were not getting the cooling we needed.
We found COOLEX at an exhibition and decided to try it out. The workers were able to stay cool without the worry of wind affecting their work. Actually, we also produces chillers, but because of the higher costs of developing this cooling system, we have decided to use COOLEX.
Some workers said that it worked too well. The workers are wearing COOLEX over their work clothes but under their protective gear, providing enough cooling. The temperature can be adjusted throughout the job as well. They were able to make sure coating did not get on the chiller and hose.