COOLEX-1 provides powerful cooling for workers forced to operate in high temperature environments. Also ideal for workplaces where winds must be avoided such as in welding and coating operations.
Working ambient temperture
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Working area
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Specifications information
Specifications information | COOLEX・1
Mini Chiller
Power Sorce AC100V-50/60Hz( Mini Chiller: DC24V)
Rated power consumption ※1 180W
Operation ambient air temperature range 25〜50℃
Operation ambient air humidity range 85% RH or below
Product dimensions (Height x Width x depth) ※2 200mm x 200mm x 275mm
Setting temperature range 7〜20℃
Setting temperature range 7.7kg
AC adapter AC 100 to 240 V power source -> DC 24 V


Rated temperature conditions:Ambient air temperature: 45℃, cold water outlet temperature: 10℃


Protruding objects such as handles are not included in these dimensions.

Short sleeved type
Weight during use of the product 710(g)
Size Free size(S〜2L)
Sleeveless, side cooling type
Weight during use of the product 810(g)
Size Free size(S~2L)
Flame-retardant material type
Weight during use of the product 640(g)
Size Free size(S~2L)

Hose balancer

Can be used without running a hose on the floor.
Optional hose balancer helps improve workability and safety.

Chiller wagon

The chiller will can be placed on this cart to reach areas where the connectiong hose cannot.
The extension cord is 30m long for expansive workplace areas.

Extension hose

This 4m long extension hose can be attached to the original hose, working area can be extended up to an 8m radius.

Sputter cover

This cover is suitable for workplace where flames are handled. This cover can resist temperatures up to 150°C, and can support the extension hose (4~8m long available).